Frozen Blue Pettiskirt
Frozen Blue Pettiskirt

Frozen Blue Pettiskirt

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Frozen Blue Birthday Pettiskirt

Double layered and made of fabulous NYLON CHIFFON. Soft satin covered elastic waistband. Gorgeous ribbon at the waist. ADJUSTABLE WAISTBAND! Allows wearing for many waist sizes. The band has buttons that allow you to loosen or tighten the waist. Made of lightweight material, your little princess will simply feel comfortable on it! So perfect for so many occasions.

Here is a guideline but remember the waist is adjustable so ie: a 3 year old can wear XS

Sizes: XS 8" Long (age 1-2) Waist is 18" - 22"
Sizes: S 10" Long (age 3-4) Waist is 19" - 23"
Sizes: M 13" Long (age 5-7) Waist is 20" - 24"

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